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water wand Wasserstab

Vivid Water for for every day

Water concentrates power.

Water works wonders.

Water is life.

Water is one of the most valuable resources on our planet. Exclusively on planet Earth water is put to our disposal as water, ice and steam at the same time. This is unique in universe.

As well documented by the research of the japanese scientist Masaru Emoto water is provided with an ability like a memory function and is able to store information. The Sun, the Moon, sounds, precious stones, pictures as well as words provablely affect our water. Water can collect and pass on vibrations as impressively shown by Masaru Emoto in his wonderful water crystal photographies.

water wand Wasserstab will pass on positive vibrations and information to your drinking water to harmonize it. Using water wand Wasserstab will improve normal drinking water to vivid water, which even may help healing body and soul.

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